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Why Switch To A Utility Grade Commercial Solar Electric Power Plant with SolarOne?

1) SolarOne buys all of the specified equipment from the five major tier-1 solar manufacturers, the most "bankable" tier-1 manufacturers. To safeguard all parties, we also require all module manufacturers to provide a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. When compared to buying from a solar distributor, such as a local Solar company, factory direct purchasing in bulk saves 30%. All major components are purchased directly from manufacturers. Local installation and service assures quick response service & manufacturers warranty support.

2) SolarOne is a self-funded finance company that offers fixed rate 15-year financing at a rate of 3.49 percent APR. PACE & Banks have interest rates between 7% and 9%, resulting in a savings of at least $190K on a $500K loan over a 15-year duration. Furthermore, there is no penalty for paying in advance (usually 5 percent with PACE). In our current funding cycle, we will support $150 million in commercial solar projects for only 100-300 highly qualified U.S. firms, as well as $125 million in our exclusive Hotel room trade program for 150 approved hotels.

3) SolarOne has partnered with a General Contractor (GC) who has been in the construction industry since 1996. Then, in 2010, we added engineering and, over the next ten years, we acquired minority ownership in dozens of electrical and solar contractors on the East Coast of the United States.

4) Because system performance is determined by the quality of the installation work, simple installation errors will have an impact on performance over the course of the system's 30-year existence. As a result, we offer the following performance guarantee: "SolarOne ensures that your project will satisfy US Department of Energy (PV Watts) performance forecasts, which will be confirmed during the 90 day post installation evaluation period, or we'll improve your system by adding modules at no additional cost to you. If we are unable to compensate by adding more modules, we will reduce your monthly payments up to the 15-year loan term to match any shortfall ".. Request the same performance guarantee from all sellers.

5) When combined with factory to site shipping lockable containers (no warehouse or material handling saves 7%), and no traditional service staff, local service notified within 15 minutes by email by digital monitoring system...which saves 5%. Accounting, procurement, and other back-office functions are all handled by a single team. Since 2011, SolarOne has significantly decreased our overhead costs, resulting in the most compelling price/quality/financing Commercial Solar program available today.



For the professional sized system a roof/open area of 5,000 - 10,000 sq./ft. would be required.  These system(s) will generate 65,000 - 140,000 kWh annually. 

All systems have workmanship warranties of 5 years, solar panel warranty of 10 years and a 25 year linear module output warranty from the manufacturer. 

Includes performance guarantee to meet or exceed US Dept of Energy report based on your address and weather history.

Medical and Dental Groups, Lawyers, Professionals, Agricultural, Gas Stations

Warehouses, Light Manufacturing, Distribution, Trucking Warehouse, Freight Forwarder




For the commercial system a roof/open area of 10,000 - 100,000 sq./ft. would be required. These system(s) will generate 160,000 - 1,600,000 kWh annually. 

All excess power (kWh) produced flows back to the grid through a new bi-directional meter installed by the utility company to track these credits. The Utility Company is required to return the kWh's back to you at night or during inclement weather , in essence, holding your excess kWh like a GRID battery.

Retail Malls, Health Clubs

A/C Storage Centers, Large Flea Markets, Laundry, Manufacturing

Strip Mall Electric CAM, Restaurants, For Profit Schools, Commercial Laundry

Manufacturing, Hospitals, Solar Farms, Retirement Center

Big Box Stores, Office Buildings, Food Processing, Flower Growers


ELECTRIC BILLS OF $25,000-$500,000 MONTH   


For the agricultural sized system a roof/lake/open area of 100,000 - 2,000,000 sq./ft. would be required, and would generate 1,600,000 - 32,000,000 kWh annually. 

Utilize lakes where land is in use for crops/livestock. Drive your existing A/C irrigation pumps by DC Solar for crop irrigation or pumping water for livestock.

Cattle /Pig/ Milk Farms, Agricultural Applications

DC Systems that drive 480vac water pumps for AG and livestock watering applications.


SolrenViewTM monitoring provides our customers a highly accurate and real time web-based monitoring solution to maximize overall efficiency and profitability of their solar assets.

SolrenView web-based monitoring solution provides for real-time, seamless recording and reporting of energy production in 1 min, 5 min., Daily, Monthly and Annual with totalization for 5 years.

The Solren system monitors every solar module and runs system diagnostics every 15 minutes, then notifying up to 100 email addresses of a service requirement in real time when they occur, no service department - 100% digital.

Featuring inverter direct monitoring, revenue grade monitoring, real time service reporting to local service by email. SolZoneTM sub-array current monitoring compares string level current

(today) to prior days/months current levels to determine if

a fault has occurred.


ELECTRIC BILLS OF $25,000 - $500,000 MONTH


For the industrial sized system a roof/open area of 100,000 - 2,000,000 sq./ft. would be required, and would generate 1,600,000 - 32,000,000 kWh annually. 

All Installations are monitored in real time through a web connection.  Energy production as well as system diagnostics are run every 15 minutes. Up to 100 people can be notified of a service /warranty issue within 15 minutes of occurrence, by email.


NET Metering, Grid Interconnection, Demand Charges and Batteries Explained.

With NET METERING the utility company will replace the existing meter with a new bi-directional meter or NET METER that totalizes the excess amount of electricity occasionally send to the grid (on real sunny days) minus the electricity you draw from the grid (after sundown or during inclement weather) throughout a month.  CLICK for an explanation of Net Metering. This is in essence a GRID based battery without the cost.

When a Solar system is producing more electricity (kWh) than 100% of the electricity your building requires (at any given moment), the inverter pushes the excess electricity (kWh) out to the grid through the new net meter to the utility who credits (kWh) for (your) later use.  This "grid connected net metering" does NOT address DEMAND charges (KW), which is a measure of max flow of kWh used in a 15 or 30 minute rolling period throughout the month. CLICK HERE to view an explanation of demand charges, which are fees to cover the cost of maintaining the grid (power plants and transmission lines) not electricity itself, but the volume of electricity flow.  Those commercial businesses that place a higher DEMAND on the grid pay a higher amount toward grid maintenance as DEMAND charges.

SolarOne initially sizes at 65% of actual kWh usage as demand charges (KW) are generally 35%. Sizing above 65% can begin to offset or cannibalize solar savings above this percentage, (depending when your daily peak demand occurs)... until larger commercial batteries are available. Once batteries are available at scale, your system can be re-wired when battery is installed (along with the 35% of solar not previously installed) to address up to 100% of your electricity needs.  This nearly eliminates demand charges and related taxes and fees, (in essense) you would be OFF grid but still connected to the grid, in case weather conditions, or warranty service. CLICK HERE to view an introduction to future large battery storage for Commercial Solar projects.


HOTEL - Room Trade™ - Trade your un-sold room inventory for a Commercial Solar System Installed at your Hotel, Car Chargers, Solar Hot Water!

No monthly finance payments ever... This is a limited time opportunity for Hotelier’s to upgrade using un-sold non-performing room inventory, as we will accept 250 Hotels (or up to $125m) in the program for 2023/2024, or while funds last! Reduce your electric costs, Increase your Hotel Value, advertise your "Solar Hotel", add Paying Car Chargers and DC Solar Hot Water!  Meet your sustainability goals. More information HERE.

Reducing operating cost Increases a Hotel's value, i.e. $25,000 in reduced operating costs = approximately $300,000 increase in Hotel’s value @ 8% cap rate. Increase your Hotel's value while reducing electricity consumption. A typical 100 room Hotel may realize approximately $750K in Electric Savings and Buildlng Value during systems lifecycle.

Trade Your UN-SOLD Room Inventory For... A Utility Grade Solar Electric System, Solar Hot Water, Electric Car Chargers, and more.

CLICK HERE to view a REAL LIVE site over 5 years old site with all SolrenView options.

Service Territory & Product Offerings

The following are the states in which SolarOne is active. For the initial review, we'll look at your Commercial project using a high-resolution satellite and the data you provide. An application engineer will look at your electricity costs (kWh), the size and orientation of your structure, and a variety of other considerations. We'll also look into any local utility needs. Click the link to view how a digital satellite evaluation is completed using the US Department of Energy's PV Watts.

Once Engineering has established that your Commercial project is feasible, we will provide initial size, the value of energy provided by the system, and a pricing quote. Prior to final pricing, we will plan a site inspection and meeting with a highly skilled engineer or equivalent. If we are extending credit to you, we will also need to know about your financial situation. We provide quotes for all viable projects, whether SolarOne or third parties are financing them, as well as non-financed (cash) Commercial Solar prospects. Request a no cost initial onsite or satellite survey - more here...