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SolarOne SBA 504 Green PLUS UP program for new or updated Commercial buildings. SolarOne will complete the 15% SBA offset requirement and PLUS UP to a 40%-65% Solar offset using the 15% payment as a down payment for increasing system size.

The SBA 504 loan program is specifically designed to help small businesses expand by financing owner occupied commercial real estate.

Business owners / investors looking to grow and expand their operations through acquisition, conversion or ground-up construction can qualify for additional SBA facility financing by going green. Business owners can benefit the environment and the bottom line with fixed interest rate financing with the SBA’s 504 Green Loan.

Under the program, established business operators can finance up to 85% of a building. New investors can finance up to 80%. Building Loan terms to 25 years for new construction and acquisitions. Instead of being limited to financing one or two locations under the standard SBA programs, entrepreneurs can finance 10 or more locations with the SBA 504 Green Program. Unlike the traditional SBA 7(a) and 504 loan programs that cap your borrowing limit at $5 million, the latest version of the SBA 504 Green Loan Program increases the SBA guaranty limit to $16.5 million. This change increases the maximum borrowing capacity to over $40 million.

The key to why an individual can borrow more is understanding the SBA 504 loan structure. A 504 loan is actually a combination of two loans. The 504 loan “package” has a conventional bank loan in first position and an SBA loan in second lien position. The conventional loan represents 50% of the total project costs. The SBA loan represents 30% for new investors or 35% for experienced operators. The reason you can borrow more is because SBA guaranty only counts against the SBA 504 loan portion and does not count against the conventional loan portion. A common way for businesses to qualify for the SBA green certification is to offset 15% of  energy used by the new building. Commercial Solar systems are the most obvious solution.

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SolarOne offers the most compelling combination of Price and Financing available today.

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Compare Bank & PACE - $500,000 15 year term VS. SolarOne Financial, LLC Financing and Leasing


* Pace Financing is paid annually with your property taxes, monthly payment indicated is 1/12 of annual total payment without property tax.

This means competitors using Bank 6% or PACE 6.5% financing would need to reduce their system price substantially to compete with SolarOne Financial when combining system price and financing. Our goal is 10% - 25% below competitors when combining system price and financing costs.

SolarOne Financial will address the SBA 15% energy offset requirement with Solar, then PLUS UP the system to 40%-65% offset to help you meet your sustainability and conservation goals.

Financing - 15 year fixed 3.49% APR financing. Available to highly qualified businesses within our service territory and in combination with an installation designed, engineered and installed within our group of approved companies.

SolarOne™ 3.49% APR fixed rate financing is America's most competitive Solar Financing, compare with BANKS or PACE at 6.00% or higher.  A $138K savings on interest on a $500,000 15 year loan.  Using financing or leverage will increase your internal rate of return (IRR) substantially versus paying cash. A 7%-8% return on cash invested can increase up to 25% or more on cash invested when using leverage, particularly with long term financing. Solar only makes sense if the business is profitable at EBITDA. Your CPA can help determine this.

Example #1 - $500K loan net zero cash invested A profitable business paying estimated quarterly tax payments of $125K annually, and anticipating a 25% down payment of $125K for a $500K Solar loan, may anticipate using the 30% Solar ITC and first year of MACRS 5 year depreciation deduction when filing quarterly estimated tax payments for the current tax year.  Please confer with your tax professional as we do not offer Tax advice. If your current Tax position can support this example, you would have no cash investment in the system.  Zero cash investment is the best starting position and possible from the first year but every project is unique/different.

Save $190,000 or more in interest carrying costs when compared to Banks or PACE financing for a $500,000 loan over 15 year term.  Choose SolarOne Financing and keep these dollars in your business account, add them to your bottom line, retain them for your shareholders.

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