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My Name is Doug Griffin, CEO of SolarOne Financial, LLC.

Started in 2002 as Griffin Investment Group, LLC, from 2002-2013 the company made Investments in small business equity, working capital loans, equipment financing and commercial real estate. We also acquired land for development.

In 2009, SolarOne was first introduced to Solar and started making Commercial construction phase loans, when banks where not interested in financing commercial solar projects in the United States.  In 2009-2011 also invested in 400+ residential solar leases in Florida for Solar contractors as Tax Equity investors.  Commercial Solar Sales, Finance and Tax Equity is our primary focus today.

In 2010, SolarOne acquired an equity position in a Florida General Contractor, in business since 1996, and built many commercial properties as investments throughout Florida.  By 2012, SolarOne made an investment in an Engineering group and combined Solar Sales, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing, operating as separate companies.  During this period we established many factory direct relationships with manufacturers of Solar Products (modules, inverters, mounting systems).  Most manufacturers, at the time, understood financing was the missing component for a burgeoning Solar industry.  As a result, we developed essential vendor direct relationships.

In 2013 we changed our name to SolarOne Financial, LLC to better reflect the companies current activity. We embarked upon direct sales of commercial Solar to commercial clients and expanded to 7 states. During this period we acquired minority positions in dozens of Solar and Electrical contractors along the Eastern seaboard.  These companies are primarily the lead generation, installation and service side of the process.

2022-2023 - SolarOne Financial, LLC. will invest $150M+ in Commercial Solar Financing, Solar Leasing, Hotel Conversions and Tax Equity financing in our current funding cycle, limited to approximately 100-250 highly qualified Commercial Solar projects. We're interested in non-financed projects also, 20% of our business is cash or financed by others. SolarOne is a self funded, Florida based American owned company, focused on creating Solar jobs in the USA and ROI's for our customers and shareholders. Thank you for your time in reviewing our company and products.

Rates will increase as the FED continues rate increase, however rates will be fixed for the 15 year duration.

We provide a no cost, no obligation initial digital satellite analysis of your project. If you have a question please call me directly at (239) 464-8699 or email: or use our contact form HERE.

1) We offer a no cost, no obligation initial digital site survey by satellite using US Dept. of Energy NREL Lab software to determine if your business/building is a good candidate for a solar electric power plant before we evaluate any other aspect of your project. Please gather a copy of one high and low electric bills for the past 12 months (i.e. Jan. and July), we will compare your roof area, orientation, local utility costs, requirements for a Solar project installed in your Utility's service territory and any limitations the Utility may impose. The evaluation and proposal will be developed for you based on these factors and many other factors. You will need to determine your ability to utilize the available tax credits and depreciation with your tax professional as we do not offer tax advice. This important aspect may pay up to 55% of the installation cost, at the highest tax brackets, your effective tax rate will impact your ROI on your project.

2) If the survey and proposal create further interest on your part, we will need to plan an engineering site visit to confirm any assumptions and also make a formal presentation of proposed project, If 2.99% financing is desired we would require a credit application and possibly other supporting documentation. With approved credit, we schedule the balance of the permitting, installation and inspection process.

3) Engineering will complete detailed prints for building dept., to include design layout, wind loading, weight loading, detailed schedule for conduit size, wire size and location and many other factors required under National Electrical Code (NEC 2017) and UL Requirements for safety and rapid shutdown requirements. Once the permit is issued the installation will be scheduled, a project manager assigned, material procurement, installations are generally with others in the same geographical area.  Your project manager will be your contact throughout the process, pre and post installation, he or she will be onsite and involved in the process during the whole installation process. Some Utility Companies require pre-approval, if so, these engineering documents will also be submitted to the local utility priior to installation.

4) Once installation is complete the building department will inspect the entire installation for conformity and issue a final approval.  The Utility company will review all documents, along with final approval from the building department, will then install a new "NET Meter" under Net Metering. The Net Meter tracks the flow of excess electricity to, and when needed, from the grid and these debits and credits will be reflected on your monthly bill. The Grid, in essence, become a battery, holding electricity until you need it.

5) On going system monitoring, every 15 minutes the system determines the energy (kWh) produced and tracks production for a rolling 5 year period.  You can view this live from any web connected device.  The monitoring system also checks every 15 minutes for a default in any component and will notify by email up to 100 addresses when a default occurs, including the local service personell (and your building manager).

We thank you for your interest in SolarOne Financial LLC, conservation, sustainability and in a potential Commercial Solar Photovoltaic system specifically.