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SolarOne Leveraged Financing increases your internal rate of return (IRR) versus paying cash. Leasing options are also available.

Financing - 15 year fixed 3.49% APR financing. Available to highly qualified businesses within our service territory and in combination with an installation designed, engineered and installed within our group of approved companies.

SolarOne™ 3.49% APR fixed rate financing is America's most competitive Solar Financing, compare with BANKS or PACE at 6.00% or higher.  A $190K savings on interest on a $500,000 15 year loan.  Using financing or leverage will increase your internal rate of return (IRR) substantially versus paying cash. A 7%-8% return on cash invested can increase up to 25% or more on cash invested when using leverage, particularly with long term financing. Solar only makes sense if the business is profitable at EBITDA. Your CPA can help determine this.

Example #1 - $500K loan net zero cash invested A profitable business paying estimated quarterly tax payments of $125K annually, and anticipating a 25% down payment of $125K for a $500K Solar loan, may anticipate using the 30% Solar ITC and first year of MACRS 5 year depreciation deduction when filing quarterly estimated tax payments for the current tax year.  Please confer with your tax professional as we do not offer Tax advice. If your current Tax position can support this example, you would have no cash investment in the system.  Zero cash investment is the best starting position and possible from the first year but every project is unique/different.

Save $190,000 in interest carrying costs when compared to Banks or PACE Solar financing for a $500,000 loan over 15 year term.  

Choose SolarOne Financing and keep these dollars in your business account, add them to your bottom line, retain them for your shareholders.

Leasing Option - 7-15 year Lease with Fair Market Value Buyout option

Available to highly qualified businesses within our service territory and in combination with an installation designed, engineered and installed within our group of approved companies.

The SolarOne Lease option features $0 down payment, with approved credit, just first and last payment and a security deposit. SolarOne owns and maintains the system during lease term per manufacturers warranties for the components involved. This is a operational or true lease and a Fair Market Buyout is available to you at term.

On the same 500K financing example, the lease payment would be 30% less than the finance payment.  In this case, SolarOne will monetize the ITC and depreciation and as a result lower the lease payment by 30% when compared to the same finance payment. Lease payments increase at 1.9% annually keeping pace with anticipated inflation.

You retain the value of electricity output (kWh) and 100% and resulting increasing value of the building due to lower operating cost. No cost of maintenance or repairs.  An option to buyout at a fair market value at end of lease term.

Our experience to date is 100% of lease customers have opted to buyout.

The decision to Finance and own or Lease and exercise an option to buyout at a fair market value is yours.  This is generally based on your ability to fully utilize the Investment Tax Credit (30% ITC) and utilize the MACRS or accelerated depreciation within a reasonable time period.  Any unused Tax credits carry forward for 20 years and depreciation may accumulate as an NOL carry forward. You must be profitable, creating a tax liability, to utilize tax credits.

SolarOne offers the most compelling combination of Price and Financing available today.

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Compare Bank & PACE - $500,000 15 year term VS. SolarOne Financial, LLC Financing and Leasing


* Pace Financing is paid annually with your property taxes, monthly payment indicated is 1/12 of annual total payment without property tax.

This means competitors using Bank 6% or PACE 7.5% financing would need to reduce their system price substantially to compete with SolarOne Financial when combining system price and financing. Our goal is 10% - 25% below competitors when combining system price and financing costs.

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