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No Roof Penetrations Withstands 120 MPH Winds

Trade UN-SOLD Room Inventory For... A Utility Grade Solar Electric System, Solar Hot Water, Electric Car Chargers, and more.

Typical Hotel Occupancy=65% - Now Trade Last 5% of Non Performing Asset.

Solar Cuts Electricity Costs • No Payments - Direct Trade • Increases Hotel Value

Available To Qualified Hotel Owners/Properties

Monetize your unsold room inventory! US Hotels average 65% occupancy, we'll monetize the last 5%.

Trade Rooms for Commercial Grade Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water, Electric Car Chargers, Heat Pump Pool/Spa Heater... up to $500,000 at your Hotel!

You keep annual Solar electricity output (kWh) which is guaranteed to meet NREL, a U.S. DOE lab, evaluation software called PV Watts. Accurate projected kWh output uses your actual address and 40+ years weather history!

Increase Hotel’s Value, i.e. $25,000 in reduced operating costs equals approximately $300,000 increase in Hotel’s value @ 8% cap rate. Increase your Hotel's value while reducing electricity consumption, with NO payments.

Our program will provide you with occupied rooms of the last 5% of your occupancy.  Rooms that occupied only 5%-10% of the year. Once the system is installed, an 100 room Hotel will realize;

1) Equivalent of $70-$100 net benefits per room night during program period... versus $12-$15 in nightly costs to maintain an un-sold room..Plus the Solar upgrade without any monthly payments!

2) Upgrade to Solar, Car Chargers, Solar Hot Water with no cash payments...only last 5% of the room occupancy for a specific number of room nights.

3) We forecast up to $750,000 in net benefit to the Hotelier over Solar system's lifecycle with No Monthly Payments...ever! Contact us for details!

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Over the course of 6-7 years, SolarOne monetizes traded rooms with National Travel Clubs, usually weekly stays. The travel club must authorize your destination. These are leisure tourists, most of whom are retired, looking for low-cost vacation weeks in tourism destinations (e.g., Coastal FL beaches and attractions, Orlando, Coastal GA, SC, NC, VA, and NJ). These organizations do not utilize any trademarked names or logos. Members-only pricing is not promoted. With no more than 5% occupancy, clubs honor your blackout periods. However, this is the final 5% of your capacity, and always your unsold or non-performing rooms.

SolarOne maintains the solar system, Travel Club redeem's room (weeks) that pay's SolarOne for system over 72 months, plus a Fair Market Value Buyout.

SolarOne own's the system initially. No maintenance or repair costs through 72 months. A Fair Market Buyout (FMV) is available to you if you want to own the remaining 24 year lifecycle of the Solar system itself.

Only highly qualified Hoteliers are eligible. There will never be any monthly finance payments...this is a limited time opportunity for Hotelier's to switch, by exchanging only un-sold or non performing room inventory for an installed Solar Electric system.

We will accept 250 additional Hotels (or up to $125m) in the program in 2022/23, SolarOne will accept up to 1000 Hotels to reserve potential space for 2023/24 or 20 Hotels we increase to 25 - (15 person) install teams.

Car Chargers (sell kWh's)

Solar DC Direct to Tanks


Energizing the USA Hotel Industrysm

If you have ever considered upgrading your Hotel this is your opportunity!  ESG (Environmental, Sustainable, Governance) is becoming main stream in investing as directed by environmentally conscious millennials to boomers.  Survey's in virtually every industry indicate existing and future customers are inclined to support Businesses that exhibit good Sustainability practices.

Start advertising your Hotel as a Solar Hotel and EV Friendly!


Utility Grade Commercial Solar

Meet Hotel's Savings and Sustainability Goals without cash investment.

Trade UnSold rooms for Commercial Solar System, No monthly payments ever.

Start advertising Sustainability Policy and Solar Commitment at your Hotel(s).

Installed Roof or Ground Mount Solar, Paying Car Chargers for EV's, Solar Hot Water.

SolarOne Owns and maintains system for 7 years, FMV Buyout at term end to own it.

Hotelier retains Electricity Savings & Increased Property Values trading only unsold rooms.