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One simple decision...a lifetime of savings & sustainability

Commercial Solar Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing

For 100kW to 20MW Commercial/Industrial Solar Photovoltaic Projects.

Federal Tax Liability Financing Program May Fund Your Project, No Investment

Plus- SolarExchangeUSA For Hoteliers-Trade UnSold Rooms For Solar Upgrade.

SolarOne  One simple decision...a lifetime of savings & sustainabilitysm

Combining Engineering, Design, Installation and Financing saves customers 10% - 25%.

SolarOne 3.49% (APR) 500K-15 Year Loan saves $190K in interest cost vs. a 6% Bank loan.

Longer loan term creates lower monthly payment than value of the electricity produced.

Guaranteed electrical (kWh) output will meet or exceed U.S. Dept. of Energy projections.

No Payment, No Interest for three months post installation performance evaluation period.

Ten year module warranty & 25 year linear module kWh output warranty by manufacturer.

Lower operating cost 50%-100%*, IRS pays up to 62%**, increase building value up to 12%***.

Leasing option, SolarOne may monetize ITC and Depreciation, with 30% contract credit upfront.

Our organization is made up of five or more companies that provide initial site evaluations, system sales, electrical design, structural wind load engineering, in-house 3.49 percent APR fixed financing, comprehensive local installation, warranty servicing, and ongoing support.

In our current funding cycle, SolarOne will fund $150 million or more in eligible solar projects for large and mid-sized enterprises, as well as hotels. SolarOne's 3.49 percent APR (15) year $500K loan saves on average $190,000 in financing costs per project finished in 2023 when compared to a 6 percent Bank or PACE (15) year $500K loan. For a comparison of these costs, go to finance page.

* There are six financial components to a Commercial Solar Project's ROI: tax credits and depreciation deductions, higher building value, energy cost reductions, inflation, maintenance, and financing interest charges. Every commercial application is unique, and the existing roof or open area, building orientation, cost per kwh, demand charges, occupancy/usage, and your ability to take advantage of federal and state tax incentives all play a role in determining how much of your actual electricity usage and tax liabilities a commercial solar photovoltaic system can offset.

** Federal Tax Credits and MACRS accelerated depreciation alone can cover up to 48% to 62% of the system's installed cost at the maximum Federal tax rate. Your effective tax rate and corp structure (LLC vs Corp) determines the monetary value of depreciation. Electricity generation and greater building values will offset the balance in a few years. The solar module manufacturer projects a 30-year lifespan and guarantee's electricity output for the first 20.

*** Every dollar saved on running costs increases the value of your building or business. At an 8% cap rate, for example, every $1 in cost savings boosts the building's worth by $12. Almost every energy-saving modification (lighting, air conditioning, insulation) can result in a $12 boost in value for every $1 saved in operating costs.

With enough room, a utility-grade solar system installed at your commercial location can offset up to 65 percent of your current actual electric kWh usage. With FUTURE large commercial batteries, up to 100% of kWh can be offset. Solar & Battery may (in essence) be an off-grid system, but it also has the potential to eliminate the remaining 35%, which most importantly includes demand charges and related taxes/fees.

If your business currently has Federal Tax Liabilities, the liability alone may fund your project, link here.

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), a U.S. Dept of Energy laboratory, software is used to verify and assure performance to industry standards specifically for your actual address, your actual orientation to the Sun and 30-40 years of your local NOAA weather data, and the Sun's insolation rate.

SolarOne guarantees electrical output will meet NREL projection or we'll upgrade at no cost to you, or if unable to add modules, we will reduce your monthly payment for the 15 year finance term. No payment or interest for 90 days post installation evaluation period. This testing period is used to determine that the system is producing Electricity as expected under NREL projections. 

Ask all sellers for the same performance guarantee.

Every future utility rate hike will increase your internal rate of return (IRR). As utility costs increase over time, your's remains at 2023 levels, for up to next 30 years. No rate increases during finance loan term (15 year fixed). Actual U.S. electricity inflation for 2020-2023 was 24.73% reported here. Plus the moderization of the US grid for electrification will be expensive, link here.

All specified equipment is purchased directly from the five largest worldwide tier-1 Solar manufacturers, saving national distributor's 30% margins. Manufacturer's 10 year product and 25 year linear performance warranties, guarantee electric (kWh) output over first 25 years of ownership. If a module drops below warranted linear output a replacement module will be provided by the Manufacturer.

Your utility Co. installs a new “Bi-Directional Net Meter”, every kWh of electricity the system produces, after meeting 100% of the buildings kWh needs, flows back to the grid through the new "net meter".  Your utility credits every excess kWh returned to the grid, for (your) later use, at night or during periods of inclement weather, at no cost to you under "Net Metering", in essence a GRID based battery.

SolarOne offers a no cost, no obligation initial digital site survey by high resolution satellite. An application engineer will determine if your business/building is a good candidate for a solar electric system. We'll review your existing electric costs, local utility company requirements, installation site, building orientation and many other factors. If your project is feasible, we'll provide an initial survey, to include initial sizing, system location on your roof, energy savings potential along with tax benefits available to all for-profit businesses in the United States. Using industry standard software from the National Renewable Energy Lab, a US Dept of Energy Laboratory.

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Our mission is to help USA Corporations reach their maximum potential in Energy Conservation, Sustainability Practices and importantly, Capital Preservation through low cost 3.49% extended term 15 year financing. Confirm your commitment to sustainability with the highest quality proven Commercial Solar Components available today from a 22 year old company with an extensive history in Commercial Solar Design, Engineering, Financing, and Leasing.

Studies show 73% of Consumers state they prefer supporting Companies that support Sustainability.

Low cost long term financing makes it a simple decision, creating a lifetime of Savings and Sustainability.

XL Soccer World Lake Nona, FL (one of 1400+ projects since 2009) is a recent May 2023 installation.

Hatfield, PA (2017), Raleigh, NC (2018 & 2022), and Fairburn, GA (2018), Orlando, Fl (2021), Winter Park, FL (2023) are among ten XL locations. Battery storage and additional modules will be deployed in 2023-24

to eliminate demand charges and the remaining 35 percent of kWh usage. Monitored 24/7/365 here.