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Utility Grade Solar Electric Modules - We accept and utilize several different manufacturers of solar modules.  Product warranty is 10 years and performance warranty is for 25 years, both offered by the manufacturer.  There are about 750 companies that produce solar electric panels worldwide.  In the industry they are graded a tier 1-2-3 manufacturers, we only work with tier 1 companies as they are generally larger companies with superior construction techniques, warranties and reliability and now insured warranties and 25 year performance guarantees.

Utility Grade DC to AC Inverters - We accept and utilize several different manufacturers of inverters.  Product warranty choices are 5-10-15 years offered by the manufacturer.  These devices tie the electric grid, the solar panels and your existing electrical system together.  It is the brains of the system.  When the panels are producing more electricity than you can immediately use, the excess electricity is pushed out to the grid for later use by you and your are credited for every kWh. The inverter provides real time performance data every 15 minutes.  Service personal are notified when a service requirement exists within 15 minutes be email.

Mounting Hardware - These systems can be mounted on your roof or the ground.  You’ll need a clear open area devoid of shading and in close proximity to your existing electric meter(s). All systems are certified by local professional engineer for wind load, uplift wind forces, anchoring fasteners and how they are installed.  The systems mounting is generally certified to 130 MPH, but can go to 160 MPH.  This is determined by the “wind zone” your project is located in.

Balance of System - The remaining components are wiring, conduit and safety related items that tie everything together.

Utility and Building Department Inspections

The system design is generally reviewed by building department four times, plan review, prewire inspection, roof inspection and final approval.  The design will also be inspected and approved by your local utility company twice - plan review, and physical inspection after building department’s final approval.

Net Metering Agreement with your local utility, once your installation is complete, your utility company will install a new “bi-directional meter” that tracks electricity flow to and from the grid. Excess electricity generated is stored “on the grid” for your use later or at night, eliminating batteries or other storage devices, assuring your full usage of all electricity produced.

Guaranteed Energy Production - SolarOne™ Financial, llc. guarantees the performance of the system design. If you do not receive the first year designed energy output in the first year, we will install additional modules needed at no cost to you.  We use NREL Pv Watts v2.0, a US Dept of Energy Lab Performance.Click for full details.

Master Electrical Contractor - We have several approved and certified Solar / Electric / NABCEP installation contractors. We can provide preliminary sizing and cost data along with financial credit evaluation and approval prior to meeting with our installation partners.

Your Business May Be a Good Candidate If;

  1. 1) Have an electric bill of $750 a month or greater.

  2. 2) You are a FOR profit organization with good credit rating.

  3. 3) You desire to be more efficient, profitable, reduce costs and increase your enterprise value.

  4. 4) Your currently paying Federal and State taxes. (for profit organizations).

  5. 5) You have adequate roof or open area to locate power plant.

  6. 6) You want to eliminate up to 92% of your existing electrical usage for 25-30 years.

Your Own Utility Grade Commercial Solar Electric Power Plant!

If you currently pay Federal Taxes, then Federal & State incentives will pay up to 50% of the installed cost, dependent of your Federal and State effective tax rate.

With leveraged financing, you can switch to your own utility grade solar electric power plant.