Leasing Option for For-Profits

who cannot utilize tax credits


We offer Solar leasing because our corporation is profitable and paying Federal and State taxes, exactly like those who purchase the system utilize the ITC and depreciation. 

It is this fact that allows us to be in the leasing business.

Nearly 70% of Solar electric systems installed in the US are leased! We credit the ITC and a large part of the depreciation to the contract, in a lease transaction, because we will realize that income as a result of our use of the tax credits and depreciation. These two items, ITC and Depreciation, pay approximately 42% of the installation. The remaining 508% is then leased to the end user, in a term up to 15 years.

This is how the system can deliver electricity for less than your local utility company for larger utility grade solar power plants. The lease payment is less than the value of the electricity it produces.

The lease payment is set artificially low in the early years and increases over time, just as electric rates increase. With every future rate increase from your utility, your savings and enterprise value also increases. For the first time in your life, future rate increases now pay you by actually increase your return on investment! Solar is exempt from Florida sales taxes. 

This is a tremendous opportunity for for-profits who do not qualify the the tax credits or depreciation.

The system is owned by SolarOne Financial, LLC and will be maintained and repaired by the installing contractor. All major components have manufacturers parts and labor warranties available up to 15 years, meaning any authorized service center for the manufacturer will perform any warranty service, not just the installing contractor. See manufacturer’s warranties for more details.

The pro forma system performance is verified by PV watts v.2, NREL, a government laboratory, part of the department of energy.  We guarantee this performance from the actual design and quality of installation will meet or exceed NREL, or we will upgrade the system at no cost to you, see us for details!  In addition, the solar module manufacturer guarantees the electricity output of their modules for 25 years, this guarantee is also insured by an AM Best insurer.

We will provide you with a pro forma example of a lease cash flow.  

Every building, utility bill and application is different, this will give you an idea of how a lease transaction may cash flow.