For Profit Businesses

Who Can Utilized Tax Credits & Depreciation


3.49% APR leveraged Solar financing to credit worthy profitable companies paying Federal and State taxes.

SolarOne 3.49% APR Finance Example      IRR Cash Example       IRR Bank Finance Example

Your Business May Be a Good Candidate If;

  1. 1) Have an electric bill of $750 a month or greater.

  2. 2) You are a FOR profit organization with good credit rating.

  3. 3) You desire to be more efficient, profitable, reduce costs and increase your enterprise value.

  4. 4) Your currently paying Federal and State taxes. (for profit organizations).

  5. 5) You have adequate roof or open area to locate power plant.

  6. 6) You want to eliminate up to 92% of your existing electrical usage for 25-30 years.

We guarantee our leveraged financing program will increase your annual return to a minimum of 25% annual rate of return vs. 4%-8% when paying cash, or 5%-12% with traditional bank financing. 

Generally 40%+ of the system cost is paid if you can utilize the 30% ITC and 100% expensing (Depreciation) and related reduction in State taxes, only the remaining 60% must be offset through energy savings. The spreadsheet examples above provide a pro forma example of LEVERAGED financed cash flow.  This is an application with an average $10,000 monthly electric bill.  Solar is exempt from Florida sales taxes.

All major components have manufacturers parts and labor warranties available up to 15 years, meaning any authorized service center for the manufacturers, can and will perform any warranty, not just the installing contractor. In addition, the solar module Manufacturer guarantees the output of their product for 25 years, see us for details.

We guarantee initial system performance will meet industry performance standards,  PV watts v.2, NREL, a government laboratory, part of the department of energy, or we will upgrade the system at no cost to you, see us for details!

The increase in enterprise value is as follows;

  1. 1)If your are a commercial building owner who leases space and have a electric bill for the common areas (CAM) then every $1 dollar in reduced operating costs will increase your building’s value by $12 at an 8% cap rate.

  2. 2)If you are a business owner, every $1 dollar you can add to your bottom line increase the value of your business by $4-$12.  This would be the multiple your business would sell for should you ever decide to sell it. Our example shows a 4X multiple, the low end of the scale.

Every building, business, utility bill, tax situation and application is different. These are pro forma examples. Giving you insight to a financed transaction and how may cash flow. Your application will vary.