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Our group is comprised of five companies that together offer initial site evaluation, 3.49% APR financing, design electrical. structural and wind loading engineering, system sales, complete local installation, warranty service and ongoing support.

SolarOne will invest $150M in solar projects, available to large and mid-sized businesses that qualify for our unique leveraged financing (APR 3.49%) and leasing in our current funding cycle.

SolarOne leveraged financing provides 3X - 6X the internal rate of return (IRR) when compared to Traditional Bank Financing or Paying Cash.  Comparison of a 1MW system with highest effective tax rate and current utility costs in Orlando, Florida.

  1. SolarOne 3.49% APR leveraged financing provides 39.25% annual return (IRR) and $807,000 profit in first 10 years.

  2. Traditional Bank Financing, 10% down, 5% APR provides 10.55% annual return (IRR) and ($125,000) loss in first 10 years.

  3. Paying Cash is the worst option and provides 5.85% annual return (IRR) and $549,000 profit in first 10 years.

  4. Every commercial application is different, your existing roof / open area, orientation, your cost per kwh, demand charges, and your ability to utilize Federal and State Tax benefits determines, in total, what percentage of your actual usage a utility grade solar power system will offset.

  5. Payments begins 6 months after completion.

  6. No rate increases during finance loan term (fixed).  Every future rate increase pays you by increasing your annual internal rate of return (IRR).

  7. Every dollar in savings improves your building or enterprise value.  For example, at an 8% cap rate every $1 dollar saved increases a building value by $12.

  8. Currently, ITC and Bonus/MACRS depreciation alone pay up to 50% of the system’s installed cost, dependent on your current Federal Tax rate..


Commercial Solar Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing

Services suspended in Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida due to Covid-19.

Solar Modules

Utility Grid

Electrical Panel


Car Port & Charging Stations

50kW - 20MW Solar Photovoltaic Packages

We purchase all specified equipment directly from the five largest worldwide tier-1 Solar manufacturers.

  1. We only purchase directly from the highest grade “bankable” tier-1 solar component manufacturers, no distributors. 

  2. Manufacturers 25 year linear performance warranty, guarantees output over the first 25 years of ownership. If a module drops below warranted output it is replaced, no cost to you.

  3. We use NREL, a U.S. Dept of Energy laboratory, to verify and assure performance to industry standards. We also guarantee the system’s electrical output will meet or exceed NREL report, as designed, or we pay to upgrade the system at no cost to you.

  4. A new “Bi-Directional Net Meter” will be installed, every kWh of excess electricity your system produces, after meeting 100% of the buildings kWh needs, flows back to the grid.  Your utility credits every kWh for (your) later use, at night or inclement weather.

  5. If you are a for-profit who cannot utilize the tax credits, SolarOne Leasing option may be your answer.

  6. Solar leases offer monthly payments below the value of the electricity the produce.  Leasing with no money down option, creates immediate positive cash flow, with terms up to 180 months.

  7. Up to 92% of your existing actual usage can be offset by a utility grade solar electric system installed at your commercial location when sufficient space is available. Imagine keeping up to 92% of what you pay to the electric company each month, increasing at an average of 4% annually for the next 30 years!

  8. We offer a no cost, no obligation initial site survey to determine if your business qualifies for a solar electric power plant.  We will review your existing electric costs, installation site and review tax benefits available to you based upon your effective tax rate.

  9. Request a free initial onsite or satellite survey.

  10. Request the SolarOne introductory 28 page newsletter.

SolarOne 3.49% (APR) 15 Year Leveraged Financing will help you switch.

No Pmt, No Interest during the first six months evaluation period. Guaranteed electricity (kWh) output.

Leveraged financing increases your internal rate of return (IRR) from 5%-10% to >30% annually.

We will beat every competitive proposal, offering tier-1 commercial products by 10%...guaranteed.

10 year module warranty & 25 year guaranteed module performance by tier-1 manufacturers.